Dwarf Salad Tossing Is The Next Big Thing.

I really have nothing to say, so I will post the abbreviated lyrics of a song that you should all live your lives by.
It’s Called:
Be Like Us.
By “No Fun.”
“Become communists
Swear Openly
Smoke Marijuana
Progress To heroin
Spit On The flag
Kill Your parents
Drop Out Of school
Hate Your Governemnt
Sell Your Country’s Secrets
Do Not Be Religious
Hurt Animals
Scare Old People
If You Drink…Drive
Burn The Churches
Eat Human Flesh
Don’t Work, Collect Welfare
Burn Books
Break All Laws
Have Sex Frequently
Despise All Authority
Dance To Rock Music
We’re The Only Ones To Trust, So Come On Kids & Be Like Us.”
Now, go do all those things and report back to me, unless it’s the one about dancing.  If it is, fuck off.
And now for a haiku that has nothing to do with the preceeding.
Splintering Headache.
Woke Up With Two Dead Midgets.
Must Be Saturday.
I guess now I have the big decision to make:  Do I dig one big hole or two small ones.  Sometimes life’s a bitch.


(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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