Iron Fist Review: Episode 5

High hopes for this episode, guys!  Not that I think it will be good…I’m just high. Probably from the Vick’s Vaporub I poured into my eyeballs and earballs to dull my senses. Alright let’s start this bitch. Episode 5: Under Leaf Tiny Penis We start with three hotties seducing different types heroin distributors with some… Read More Iron Fist Review: Episode 5

The Best of Draw Something (Dirty): Part 1

Draw Something is a the latest mobile app to take the world by storm.  And for good reason: it lets you interact with your friends and Facebook stalkers (or stalkees) by playing a simple version of Pictionary with them. The game levels the playing field between artists and whatever-the-opposite-of-artists-is quite effectively due to the fact… Read More The Best of Draw Something (Dirty): Part 1