The Best of Draw Something (Dirty): Part 1

Draw Something is a the latest mobile app to take the world by storm.  And for good reason: it lets you interact with your friends and Facebook stalkers (or stalkees) by playing a simple version of Pictionary with them.
The game levels the playing field between artists and whatever-the-opposite-of-artists-is quite effectively due to the fact that no one can draw worth a shit on a small touchscreen.
You’ve seen what we have done in the past with a children’s colouring book, so guess what happened when we got our filthy little hands on this baby!
I hope you’re ready for some more drawings of dicks!

Draw Something?  Yeah sure. 
If by “Something” you mean pics
of crudely drawn dicks.

5 thoughts on “The Best of Draw Something (Dirty): Part 1

    1. The smaller ones are drawn using (unknowing) nude models from the YMCA. For the bigger ones, I used to just flop my dong on my ipad and trace it until my ipad got some bad news from the clinic.

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