…that title made more sense a month ago.  So let’s pretend you got a ride in the Delorian and were taken to the past to give ol’ Marty McFly a handy jay in a Woodward’s parking lot. If procrastination were an Olympic event than give me the yellow one, because this was written with the intent of kicking… Read More THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING!!

Suspended Similar To A Equus Asinus.

It’s tough being different in this world.  Especially when you are surrounded by mediocrity.  Or more commonly, douchewads. But once in a while, the thing that makes you different also makes you a god! There are many natural mutations that make you cool and don’t require you to take radioactive waste bubble baths with animals in an attempt to acquire their abilities. Here… Read More Suspended Similar To A Equus Asinus.