The Day After.

There is only one ultimate hangover cure…more damn booze.
Today is the day after Canada day, and I assume somebody kidnapped me and made me drink my weight in beer.
I hate it when people kidnap me and make me drink my weight in beer.  That is really unfair to me because I am not supermodel, and do not weigh the same as a slice of Kraft processed cheese.  Off topic:  I once ate a brick of cheddar the size of a Playstation 2 (The old style, not the new slim.)
I just bought a new camera, I would show you but then I’d have to buy another one to take a picture of it.
That’s it, see you at Loonies
And now, an end-blog haiku:
Prostitute, for me?
It’s not even my birthday!
You are too kind, Dad.

(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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