The Best of Draw Something (Dirty): Part 2

Here is the latest collection of horribly drawn pictures from the naughty version of Draw Something (part 1 is here.)
Probably the best part of this game, other than being able to draw awesome dicks on everything, is that the person on the other end has to watch everything you draw in order and cannot skip to the end if they don’t know what you’re drawing.  This means that if you take 10 minutes to draw a fish, they have to wait the 10 minutes unless they can guess what the drawing is before you’re done.  So if you see a complex drawing like Birdcage or Chest (below) or Squirrel (in Part 1), you can be sure that the very last thing drawn in those pictures was the thing needed to be guessed.

Be warned: this batch gets a little misogynistic and flirts with some things that could possibly construed as mildly racist.  Actually, now that we think of it, so did the last set…and every other post on this site.
Regardless, if you are easily offended, jog on.

must have been a serial
killer, just like us.

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