Doodles Gone Wild!

While we wait for our new, vomit-inducing meals to arrive from around the world for MRE 3, we have decided to answer a question that you never asked.
The Question: What would happen if you gave a children’s colouring book to a couple handsome and drunk individuals like NPX and RLLD?
The Answer: Awesome would happen, that’s what.  Also, there will be no shortage of drawings of dicks.

This particular books gives you a semi-complete picture and then instructs you to finish any missing elements.
But all we saw was an opportunity to pervert an innocent book into a playground of dicks, tits and date rape jokes.

So until MRE 3, here are some childish drawings in a children’s book by men who draw worse than children.

We believe all Gingers are this evil
Nobody tells me what to draw!
The sequel to the movie Teeth
This is the "weird old trick" the ads are referring to for penis growth
This is the "weird old trick" the ads are referring to for penis growth
A standard Space Boner first date
Monsters with big tits.
This is why I am banned from the zoo
Cow. Pig. Whatever.
Oily robot semen is probably easier to wash out of your hair than regular human or fish sperm
I love family reunions!
I've seen bigger.
If my penis had a pouch, I could finally stop leaving little piles of change everywhere
Pecker Jack Cheese + Whoregonzola = Cream Cheese.
Earth: If we all had Sesame Street Genitals
Funny, he looks just like our Uncle Gacy...
Add some meat, veggies and broth...Baby, you got a stew goin'!
Notice of there were never any Hearts Of Gold hung up?
Drawn painstakingly by MS Paint
There really is nothing more freeing than pooping in the ocean
I think every species on earth experienced some sort of Holocaust
That is a really good tennis racket
"I hear...something...coming..."
Based on a true story
This was drawn during my hypnotherapy session
A closer look at the Space Boner first date
"Ted! Is that you? You old SOB, how are you?!"
To answer your question, women: this is what we are thinking about. Every second of every day.
"Have a drink and then I'll show you the dungeon..."

For more great, poorly-drawn pictures, check out the Poo Log.

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