Mmmm. Hot Interspecies Sex. Tell All Your Friends.

Finally, the holidays are over.  I hope you got lots of presents, if only to make up for my lack of gifts.
Even though I did get 12 pairs of socks and a tie pin, I still wanted to slit my wrists and bleed out at the local YMCA.
Other than my suicidal depression, most of the my holidays were spent in a drunken stupor filled with booze, whores, and tons of coke….errr cola.
Oh sweet Lady Yeyo, why do you feel so good pulsing through my veins?
Anyway,  here’s a poem about beastiality.  ‘Cause I know you filthy perverts love it.

Deep Inside My Mind.
Is Where I Can Go To Find.
Sweet Animal Porn.

Stay tuned next time for a great Haiku about dwarves.

(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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