Mary Christmas…I Banged Her.

Wow, I sure fucking hate winter.  I also hate christmas carolers coming to my house, is there any
other way to make a person fell more akward than to stand outside their house and sing some of
the worst songs ever written?  If they are doing it for charity, I suggest hitting them with a little mace – The morning star, not that gay ass spray shit.
But maybe I am being to cynical, we all need a little joy after the tragic
events of September 29…  Which is my birthday, but it was on a Thursday, so I had to work hungover.
So many people were effected, – and some cases even infected – by this horrible day.
We should all pay homage to the persons who helped make this 9-29 partially liveable:
The makers of Gravol, Pepto Bismol, 7-11 Cheesburgers and, of course, Bob Guccione.
On My Twenty-Fifth,
I Drank Until Cries Rang Out.
Punching Children Rules.
This was going to be a christmas post but whatever, a post of punching children in a drunken stupor is just as good.  Note:  The puking photo is my brother from many years ago, he is my mentor and hero.  Kudos Kelly, Kudos.
T-Shirt Hell has put out some awesome gift cards for download on their website.  So if you have any sense of humor whatsoever, get them.  Follow the Direct link here:  I suggest printing them on photo paper at a good quality.
And remember “Lest You Bitches Forget 9-29.”
(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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