A Game of Chance That You Don’t Have The Balls To Play.

If you are looking for some excitment over the week, I suggest a game where you have a 1 in 6 chance
of going straight to hell.  This game is Russian Roulette, and it is only for real BAMFs.  The details are below.
Russian Roulette Ingredients:
     1 Revolver
     1 Bullet
     2 Brass Balls (Extra Large)
     1 Oven Pre-heated to 450° F
Take the bullet, put it in the revolver, spin the cylinder blindly. Now you can let the cylinder’s centrifical spin decay on it’s own, or you can be a bad ass and stop it suddenly.  Next, take the revolver, place to your temple,  cock the gun, and let karma take over; see if all that smoking in nursuries, and raping octogenarians catches up with you.  Hasn’t with me…yet.
If you are too much of a dangly vagina to play, then you can stick your gay ass head in the fucking oven.
I have played this game, let’s see if you can cheat the bitch ass Grim Reaper as well.
And now, a poem of why to play.
Manic Depression.
A Roller Coaster of Hate.
Now Grab Me My Gun.
By the way, if you a seriously contemplating offing yourself, you probably shouldn’t have read all of the previous words before this, ok?  Hello?  Hello?  Oh well.  Everyone else read the warning.
See you in hell.
WARNING:  The Preceeding Blog Entry Contained Blue Material.
(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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