The Sophisticats. Meow.

If you are unfamiliar with the Aristocrat joke, I suggest you go see the documentary film about it.
It is, boldly, called: “The Aristocrats.”
The movie was created by comedian Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller Fame).
I don’t recommend many things to other people, because, frankly, I could care less what you do.  But, I believe that this sort of film, in it’s awesome vulgarity, could actually enlighten some people to stop being such prudish douchbags.  On the other hand it might just enrage the nations of the world,  but fuck them.
Remember, if everyone just took a grain of salt with everything they were told, the world would be a much happier place.
I believe that you will get more from this movie if you have heard the joke told before –or better yet, told it.  But even if you have not, you are going to laugh your fucking face off.
But enough of my opining; here is my contribution to this infamous joke.
It may not stack up as well as others, but what the fuck else am I supposed to do in 17 syllables?
Mom, Dad. Son, Daughter.
Fuck.  Shit.  Piss.  Fist.  Puke.  Ta-Da!
The Aristocrats!
If you ever want to here the enlongated version of my yarn, you can always ask.
I just hope that you are easily offended.
Good Night.

(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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