Local Radio Personlities Are Smart, Funny and Clever.

The radio stations in Kamloops suck the bottom of my friggin’ ass.
The over-play every song and have the worst DJ’s in the world (Screw Tara Holmes & Henry Small.)
I really didn’t want to name names, but those two afformentioned people piss me off the most.  Idiots.
So in the spirit of hate, I wrote a little poem about our literally retarded airwave hosts.
On the radio?  Yeah right!
Why don’t you get some.
That haiku is more for me, hoping that one day one of those hacks stumbles on this page
and figures out what a piece of shit he/she is.  And upon learning this little factoid procceds to stick a pencil in each nostril and slam their head down on a table.


(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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