Where Have All The Bad Girls Gone?

The smell of bacon puts me at half-mast.
I guess that may need explanation.
Can’t Find A Cheap Date?
Blame Willie Pickton.  He’s Been
Hogging All The Chicks.
For those of your who are not from BC, or unfamiliar with Willie Pickton, here’s a link to explain why this blog is the funniest thing you’ve ever read in your life. Go…HERE!
Since Pickton, the price of pork has sky-rocketed (especially in Japan, fucking weirdos).  Hot-dog prices of risen to $15 for 15 minutes or $25 for a half hour.  And that’s just for one dog!  If you wanted two at once, which is every man’s fantasy, the price nearly triples.
Don’t even get me started on sweet & sour pork.
(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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