15 Will Get You 20.

I was recently accused of being a freeloader by one of my brothers, who shall remain nameless (you know who you are.  You man-ass eating, buttknuckle).
All I can say to his accusation is: “no shit.”  Just kidding…sort of.
But seriously, we all go through a 5 year phase of indecision and apathy, right?
And now that that time is up, I feel I can move on to bigger and better things.
Either that, or just slash my wrists and bleed out while reading Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” and listening to “Stairway To Heaven” (just for some balance).
So in short; I know I am a bum – probably better than anyone – but I now feel I can move on now that my life is falling into place, and not into pieces.
Thank you for your time.  Now go to hell.
Now, a haiku for Kelly.
But I Can Evolve, Honest!
Now, Change My Diaper.

(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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