Have you ever started dating a chick, and then like 3 days later said: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”?
If you have, then you most likely pretended to be an asshole, so that she would dump you.  Instead of you
dumping her and her becoming a psycho stalker.  Some girls have that potential.
Thank god for Call display.
And now a completely unrelated haiku *cough*…

Talk Dirty To Me.
Now, Eat Yogurt From My Ass.
My Ex-Girlfriend Rocks!

If any other girls are into yogurt, or even frogurt.  Gimme a call.  I will buy you flowers and bonbons.
Note: I have never had yogurt feltched from my anus, nor does my ex-girlfriend rock. 
Picture and Title stolen from T-Shirt Hell.
(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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