Don’t You Hate Having An Itchy A-hole?

Hello my little love sluts.
There’s a party over here.
I think the hardest question in life to ponder is whether to just kill yourself in the most fantastic way possible, or go on a murderous rampage and kill as many people as you possibly can before the 5-0 peppers you with
bullets and salts you with napalm.
Just something to mull over.
How about a poem?
Whatever You Like.
An Orifice For All Types.
The Hermaphrodite!
You gotta love the amalgamation of “chick with dick” and “guy with pie” to create the ultimate super-whore.
From their meaty salami to their stinky cheeseburger,
they are my favorite type of bi-genital, she-male, man-girl, love slave.  Sans Jersey.
Note:  Don’t hate this blog’s photos; they are art.  If you do, you are worse than Hitler.
           Not that I expect you to appreciate the emotion and determination represented in these pieces.
           No offense, but you are kind of a flake.
Kudos to me for being every girl’s dream guy.
*cough*So Lonely*cough*

(Note: Original pictures from this older post have been accidentally lost to time.)

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