A Reflection. On Poopies!

Here’s something fun for the guys:  http://www.durexdicorations.com Decorate your pitiful pecker! And now on to the blawg. I think that everyone looks; it’s just that guys feel a sense of accomplishment by the site of their Captain’s Log. The more coils, the more people you tell.  And the more people you tell, the better you… Read More A Reflection. On Poopies!

I am Smart, Funny and Clever. But really.

So here is a haiku for you, adapted out of a joke I recently heard that made me laugh. What’s Brown and Sticky? I’ll Give you a hint: It’s long. Give up?  It’s a Stick!                      —NPX Haha, I love that schtick. Well, that’s all, so fuck off.  And come again soon.  Friends. neuroparadox (Note:… Read More I am Smart, Funny and Clever. But really.