In the beginning, there was nothing then came everything else and then came Lance getting his driver’s license.     Before you all shit your pants in amazement, I want to congratulate Lance as he passed his test with flying colour (singular).  For years he was a believer in public transit, cabs, Ganesh, and relegating… Read More Carmageddon

30 Great Ideas from Cosmo™ (for Ruining Sex)

Cosmopolitan is infamous for giving terrible sex advice and having unrealistic expectations of beauty, relationships, and pretty much everything else.  So when they put this article on their website I felt the need to clarify the “tips” for people who live in reality. The original article’s suggestions are quoted below followed by my fair, unbiased, and respectful opinions.  Now, let’s see… Read More 30 Great Ideas from Cosmo™ (for Ruining Sex)