If you’re reading this, we have 2 days to live…

We here at the Space Boner have been sitting on MRE 3 for the better part of 4 months now, maybe more.  I haven’t bothered keeping track since I have been too busy enjoying life and not eating canned Russian mystery shit.

But finally, enough is enough, and it is time to bite the bullet, figuratively… for now… and finally bring ourselves to do what we said we were going to do.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Maybe NEXT week.

No, not the gym.  What I am talking about is cracking open these Military rations from across the globe and, for no reason other than self-deprecation, eat this shit.
I can’t even remember what the ingredients were I know that one of them has rabbit in it…  I don’t like rabbit.  Nor anything French.  But I am looking forward to the Vietnam MRE!  I should clarify though that it isn’t a Vietnamese MRE, but from the Vietnam War…40 years ago.  It comes with smokes and, presumably, PTSD.

May God have mercy on our shitty, shitty souls.

😦  This sucks.


Look for MRE3 sometime this week, assuming we don’t die from some long-dormant Vietnamese super flu.
In the meantime enjoy re-reading MRE1 and MRE2 and sharing with all your super-smart, handsome friends.

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