Iron Fist Review: Episode 2

Alrighty, it was a slow start but it was the first episode so it get’s the B of the D.  The one thing I miss about network TV is that these episodes would only be 44 minutes instead of a full hour; I never thought I would miss commercials. Last we saw, a socially-stunted, filthy… Read More Iron Fist Review: Episode 2

Meals Regretfully Eaten, Part 2: MREtarded

Contributing Authors: neuroparadox (NPX), ramalamalongdong (RLLD), JockolateBear (JOCKO) Time for the second part of our “Torture ourselves for your amusement” series. It has been over a month since our first foray into the world of barely edible food.  The length between parts is not due to our laziness, but to the time need for our stomach linings to grow back and their… Read More Meals Regretfully Eaten, Part 2: MREtarded